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Managing a fleet can become a very complex and expensive situation.


The complexity comes from many points here are a few examples ...

  • What vehicles and equipment should we use?

  • How should we spec them? 

  • Where do we buy from?

  • Who will service them?

  • Do we need an internal fleet manager?

  • What software can I get to help me track all this?

  • How often should we perform maintenance services?

  • We have multiple locations how do I manage that?

  • Do I need several vendors and dealers set up to handle this?

  • Who will assist my company after hours or on the road?

  • Logistics for maintenance service are a hassle and I do not have time and personnel for this. 

Our company can make sense of all your fleet situations.

Bringing simplicity and cost-effectiveness to the table for all our Fleet management clients.

A Professional Partnership

(just like you would have with an accounting firm or your attorney's office)


Helping to steer and guide your company towards its goals. We are dedicated to solving our client's headaches and building solid plans along with them.


In some cases, a company may find "fleet" to be the #2 expense right after payroll.

So what are the steps we take to look at this situation?

How will we best impact our client's bottom line?

  • Fuel Gas / Diesel/ Electric /Hybrid

  • Vehicle / Equipment Brand

  • PM Frequency (on everything)

  • Fleet age

  • Vendor costs

  • Data

  • Budgeted Replacements 

  • Downtime 

  • Daily use

  • Own Vs rent/Lease

  • Repair history 


This is just the start of how we analyze our client's fleet equipment situation.

We will impact your business with the positive change it needs to be more productive and profitable!

Equipment Retirement 

After your equipment or vehicles have met their obligations to the company. It's time to move on to the disposal and de branding pasture.


This is another part of the client services we offer fair market purchase values for all vehicles and equipment. This is often a faster method of disposal and adds more financial value to your surplus or retired assets needing to be disposed of.

Our team will take care of the entire process and de brand all company logos from the vehicle. We will help you get moving on toward the new replacement vehicle or equipment that your company needs.     

  • Snack Food

  • Refrigerated

  • Food Service

  • Electrical 

  • Health Care

  • Hospitals

  • Plumbing

  • Government

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Manufacturing

  • HVAC

  • Uniform Delivery

  • Communications

  • Yard / Jockey 

  • Package Delivery

  • Restoration 

Custom tailored service plans are available.

Contact us to set up a consultation!

  • USPS Postal

  • Lawn Care 

  • Construction 

  • Utilities 

  • Trucking/Trans

  • Pest

  • Townships

  • Municipalities

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