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Managing a fleet can become a very complex and expensive situation.


At OTC, we make economical decisions to serve your fleet best when and where most needed. While we don't consider ourselves a fleet management company, we partner with almost any fleet management provider to offer on-the-ground solutions and serve as a repair and maintenance provider.

Our strength lies in the expertise of our team of technicians and management staff, who have years of experience and have worked with hundreds of fleets. This expertise allows us to make knowledgeable and economical decisions on how and where to repair and maintain your fleet.

Unlike your typical local repair shop, which may have only a few technicians and perform all repairs in-house, OTC offers multiple ways to service our clients. We understand that your fleet is our priority, and we follow wherever you go!



Our array of services allows us to tackle your maintenance and repairs most efficiently. Here are some ways we achieve that.

Mobile Service

Mobile Shop Service

Shop Service


On-Site maintenance and minor repairs.

On-Site Shop for maintenance and repairs.

(Coming Soon)

Our local shop facility for state inspections and major repairs.

We have both large and small fleets that have been working with us for many years. We build trust with our clients and their fleets to ensure we continue earning their business.

We are committed to constantly improving the ways we handle our clients' fleets of autos, trucks, trailers, and equipment maintenance and repairs.

Our clientele typically includes fleets managed by third-party fleet management companies. We can help guide you to a fleet management company if you are not already outsourcing some of your fleet management aspects. 

  • Snack Food

  • Refrigerated

  • Food Service

  • Electrical 

  • Health Care

  • Hospitals

  • Plumbing

  • Government

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Manufacturing

  • HVAC

  • Uniform Delivery

  • Communications

  • Yard / Jockey 

  • Package Delivery

  • Restoration 

Custom tailored service plans are available.

Contact us to set up a consultation!

  • USPS Postal

  • Lawn Care 

  • Construction 

  • Utilities 

  • Trucking/Trans

  • Pest

  • Townships

  • Municipalities

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